Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Good morning/almost afternoon for my EST homies!

Last night was sooooooo great. I finally saw two close buddies that I’ve not had a chance to hang with in several weeks because adulting. I had the gift for one of them - the other’s gift is still en route. But they gave me my present and I love them because it shows just how much they know and love me.

They got me a scarf that has the entire text of Still I Rise on it, the first issue of Black Panther written by TaNehisi Coates, the issue of The Atlantic featuring Coates’ longform piece My President Was Black, and a pin that says I’m Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinty.


My. Friends. Are. Amazing.

How are y’all doing?? Post it all here!

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