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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Late night/early early morning OT

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Ugh. Is it really Monday morning (in like 11 minutes)? Le sigh... where did the weekend go?


So, I need to adult up and really get my floss on. I’ve gotten to the age where I can’t just not do it anymore I guess. But it’s so annoying and feels so time consuming! Plus, I’ve got permanent retainers so it’s extra annoying. But I gotta do it.

So how was your weekend? Excited about anything this upcoming week?

The twin and I turn 35 (?!?!!) this upcoming Friday so we’ll have some birthday shenanigans with the fam which should be fun. I’m also treating myself to a mani/pedi this week and might stop in at Sephora for my bday gift and pick up a couple of things. Thank goodness I get paid Wednesday!


Happy Monday y’all! 

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