Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Late Night/Early Morning OT

Hello shit world. Share something good/something you’re looking forward to. What’s something that makes you smile?

I’m excited that I took Sunday off from work so now I have a 3-day weekend. The fam and I were gonna go to a drag bingo thing but I think instead we’re gonna go see A Star is Born. Haven’t seen a movie in ages and that’s one of my fams favorite things to do. I haven’t hung out with my family enough later and I miss them. They do truly make me smile. 


Today was a good first day off. Was a sort of treat-myself spa day. Finally got a mani/pedi and a haircut. Also set up my hair appointment for December for the big wedding day. Woot!

Tell us something good in your life! 

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