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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hiya GT, what’s good near you lately?

TheOperaGhost’s earlier food post reminded me of a Good Topic, and while i’m not associated with DQ, i AM going to put in a plug for anyone who likes Blizzard Treats, and say:

“If you Like Blizzards and you like Children (or care about them getting excellent medical care, anyway!), hie thee to DQ this Thursday, and purchase at least one Blizzard!”


Because most DQ restaurants across the US will be participating in “Miracle Day,” and donating at least one dollar from each blizzard to the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.🤗😁😎

Where i live, that means our local DQ’s will be funding Gillette Hospital over in St. Paul.

Gillette specializes in Orthopedic cases, and it is also our state’s leading hospital for pediatric Cerebral Palsy care, so they touch a LOT of lives, and do a HUGE amount of good!🤗

I also know (from firsthand sources) that Gillette has a Child Life Specialist team, and that team is paid for by the fundraising that Gillette does, because Child Life is an “overhead” department. Meaning that, although Child Life Specialists provide a VERY valuable service, and make hospital life easier for the children, their families, and hospital staff, Child Life is NOT a “billable” service. So any departmental costs (staff salaries, tools used, etc.) are paid for by the hospital itself.


I know we have plenty of Canadians around here, too.

For y’all, the Canadian “Miracle Day” falls on Thursday, August 10th, 2017.

Here’s more info:


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