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Welcome To The Bitchery

Late Night Good Things post 5/30/17 1 bad, 2 good😉

Hiya GT!🤗

Lots of us have been having shitty/ frustrating days lately, so lets play a game, tell us two good things, for every bad one ya gotta vent😉


I’ll start:

Rant: I got frustrated as hell walking into our house tonight, because the young-twit roommate (NOT homeowner roommie) has evidently decided to play her, “Emmer’s not here, i can toke in the house!” game AGAIN.😬


And i can’t *exactly* chew her out for it, because she wasn’t doing it when i walked in the door, so i don’t know *exactly* when it happened today, AND she has company over, so it MIGHT have been her allowing him to do it (with her participating too, i’m sure😒)

I have NO PROBLEM with her smoking pot. I JUST DON’T WANT HER DOING IT IN THE HOUSE! We HAVE a garage. We also have a back deck about 10 feet from where her ass is parked right now.


But NO. She does it IN the house, and about 5 feet from my dog (who gets wound up like NOBODY’S business, because she’s a Lab with a sensitive nose)😬😡😠

Good things:

1. I really like my Practicum placement, and feel like i’m getting to use a lot of the things i’ve learned the last 3 years.


The children are a blast to work with, and it’s an entirely different set of skills to use, because this is a largely neurotypical classroom😊

2. My car might not be as bad as i thought to repair (*fingers crossed!*)

I had a bad shimmy last week, after having my sway bar replaced the previous Friday.


Thought it might be motor mounts, or my wheel bearings, but it might be a bent... axle-arm? (Something like that, anyway).

If that IS it, it’s only about 300.00, so just over half the wheel bearing price🤗


And 3, just ‘cuz, I get the results of my Autism tests back tomorrow.... i may not be quite on the spectrum, my tester said something to me last week about being “on the bubble”, but at least i’ll know one way or the other.

For anyone curious, the tests really weren’t too bad. I completely BOMBED one of them (a “make up a story” one), because i just couldn’t think of anything to make it work. Especially not at a 30-second/1 minute notice, my brain doesn’t work like that (in an improv-y manner). I just totally blanked/froze for that part of the test... everything ELSE, though, was pretty manageable, and many parts were pretty fun to do.


It was mostly just different intellegence-type tests (no algebra!), and personality tests.

(Edited for misspellings, ‘cuz sometimes my phone likes to hate me!)

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