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Late Night Musings -Insomnia is a Pain in the ...

So after the heavier content from earlier today and mrchiens frustrating day at work, where he had to deal with a not so very nice coworker, who loudly complained about him in the hallway near his cubicle. I'm now up late trying to shut off my brain. I'm almost ready to take a sleeping pill but then it means that i'm groggy the next day. I'm now regretting my decision to be slothfully lazy today and not get some exercise in.

I also had the realization that my grandmother became a grandmother at my age, and i'm nowhere near having kids. I also suspect that some of the kids i went to HS with are now grandparents, cuz folks start young where i'm from. When I start doing the numbers for if i were to some how magically become fertile, my brain shuts down... And then i feel kinda like a loser. Which then makes me glad i skipped out on my 20 yr HS reunion that i'm not sure they even had one.


So what am i doing? Surfing petfinder, looking at the cute animals and wishing we could afford the way to pricey deposit and the extra monthly costs along with the other pet costs. Plus mrchien really wants a big puppy... so yeah. I should turn off my tablet and go to bed... and what's up with kinja sticking thumbnails of stuff in my posts?

So... should i just be groggy but rested tomorrow? Or should i try non medicated ways to shut my brain off?

This gif kinda represents my battle between my brain and sleep right now...

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