Late Night Open Thread - Just Trying to Forget About the Ugliness of Humanity

This is my first posting to Groupthink after getting author privileges. I hope I don’t screw it up or break the rules. Everytime I look at the news, either online or on TV, it’s all about the Paris bombings/shootings (and nothing about the bombing in Beirut). Worse, ‘Murica has kicked into high-gear xenophobia about banning refugees that are Muslim and the comments around the Gawker-verse are even worse. You’d think this was Breibart or Drudge.

So to clear my brain I rummaged around the house, found all my drawing supplies, which include chalks, charcoals, pastels, and pen and ink, and decided I would lose myself in something creative.

My question to everyone else is, how are you coping with the negativity? There are no wrong answers except ones involving violence.

Also, it gives me a reason to post my art. I’m about half-way done with this piece. I’m either going to continue to a finished, all-pen-and-ink drawing, or I may veer in the direction of adding pastel colors to it.


This is the source picture I’m working from (I took it on the shore of Puget Sound, on a beach called Larrabee State Park, back in July):


And the work in progress: