Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s only 10pm, so not even that late, but it has. Been. A. Day.* If you’re around, come hang out here!

I was up all night last night, went to bed around 7am, and got woken up around noon by Other-Husband bursting through the door, screaming my name, and yelling that he needed to get to the hospital. He fell because of the ice while leaving work, drove home, and after 3 hours of sitting in the ER, we found out he has a compound fracture of the radius that will require surgery (aka he broke his arm. Badly.)


He’s in a looot of pain, and they could only splint it and give him a couple hydrocodone pills until he sees the orthopedic surgeon in a day or 2. He’ll most likely be having the surgery to set the bone properly in about 3 days.

He’s finally asleep, with his arm all propped up and surrounded by pillows so he doesn’t roll around (he’s a restless sleeper), so I am sitting in my library closet and trying to relax. I’ve got a fabulous knot in my left shoulder that makes it hard to breathe, probably from stress. I’m also not sure where I’m going to sleep... probably in my chair in the other room. I don’t want to bump his arm and we have a small bed for 2 big people at the best of times!

*It’s actually been a hell of a couple of days, starting with Husband losing his job on Thursday.

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