Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Late Night Posting

I would like to go to bed. But, I’m out on my couch and have a purring kitty on me...so I’m trapped and thought I’d see how you were doing.

How is your night going?

Watched the new The Good Place and I’m excited to see where they are going with it. I read some of the theories in the comments on the AV Club and find some of them intriguing.


Had a Happy Hour tonight and had fun and also some frustrating talks with coworkers. Guys, if I tell you the software literally no longer allows us to do something, beefing up staffing won’t fix that.... But I had a a fantastic cherry beer and a strawberry rhubarb beer and plim/salt/coriander and delicious mac and cheese. The work stuff will get figured out later.

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