Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So tonight was date night with Mr. Fun and we went to a great restaurant and have a wonderful meal and an awesome server. (In relation to an earlier post about tipping - she was so great we gave her 30%+. She deserved every penny.) After dinner, I went to a friends place to help her pack. This is where the ramble comes into play. She found out on Thursday that she has to be out of her place by Dec 1st. I am so pissed off for her! What landlord kicks you out when it is a week that includes a holiday????? She is understandably freaking out. Her landlord returned their November rent so I think he is working off the presumption that the return of the rent constitutes 30 days notice. I can't fathom how this is legal?!?! She has basically a week to get out and she will be out of town Saturday and then going home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday and not returning until Sunday (Dec. 1st!). We frantically packed about 6 boxes tonight and I am going over there tomorrow to help her pack before she leaves at 3pm. Mr. Fun and I have offered her a place to keep some stuff and a place to crash if needed. The rental market in our city sucks, especially since it is winter. I just feel so bad for her. There really isn't much point to this post just had to articulate my frustration for her. Oh, if anyone knows of a place $1200 or under in Chicago, hit me up....Sublets are on the table....

Update: So my friend called her landlord today and a woman answered the phone and told her that the landlord died last night! Crazy stuff. But she said that they still had to be out on the 1st....


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