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Late night rants.

Backstory: I'm up for a job in a 'red state' in the South. I was born and raised in a blue state on the west coast. I am liberal, as is my dad. The place where I will be working is in a liberal county.

The job is a great opportunity for someone who has only been temping. I hear the city is great and it's much cheaper than where I live now. Did I mention, it's a fucking great opportunity?!

(I am still waiting to hear back of they want me to do an in-person interview, which makes this thing even stupider.)


My dad apparently doesn't want me to get the job! After pestering me about getting a 'real job' for AGES, he apparently doesn't want me to get this one regardless of how much of a step up it would be for me (literally a step in the right direction for my career), BECAUSE IT'S IN A RED STATE!! I get that he's worried about things like women's rights and access to healthcare and all that but...seriously???? Going so far as to wish I won't get the job?! That's some petty bullshit right there. And it puts him on the same level as my religious fundie aunt who told me she prayed I wouldn't get a full-time job at my current workplace because it's LIBERAL. What. The. Ever loving. Fuck. How about y'all just stay out of my damn business and let me, a grown-ass young woman perfectly capable of making her own decisions thoughtfully and conscientiously MAKE HER OWN DAMN DECISIONS!

I was all relaxed and ready to sleep and now I'm wide awake and annoyed! Actually, no. I'm pissed. Petty fucking bullshit.

(And now I've just realized I forgot to send in an application to a job that just opened up in my workplace so now I'm super anxious and on the verge of tears.)

I can't post gifs or I'd post a bunch of rage ones. So much for sleeping early tonight.

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