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I thought last night's Late Night Talk was a hit so I'm bringing it back tonight! Wooot! Anybody can talk about anything, including greys looking for a chance to post about their issues. (A number of commenting greys let me know they appreciated the opportunity).

I'll start off:

1. I did absolutely nothing today because I don't have to.

2. I still can't figure out if the guy who I kind of like likes me back. He's so weird. He claims he hasn't been able to talk because he's busy, but then when I told him that means I think he's not interested in me, he says that's not true.


3. True Blood is kind of pissing me off with all the vampires getting locked up. Umm...I'm sorry, vampires move faster than bullets, you can't shoot them unless they are silly baby vamps. The whole point of my vampire fetish is that vampires are stronger, faster, smarter- THEY DO NOT BOW DOWN TO RACIST LOUISIANA POLITICIANS. Don't ruin my sexual fantasies about Nordic white guys, Alan Ball.

4. Last night we established that I'm a sad plate of nachos without any cheese. What other comical metaphors for my depression can we come up with?

Remember, anything goes as long as it's safe and it's feminist.

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