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Were you aware that today is Tuesday? I was not. However, I am aware that it is 9 pm in important people's time and that means it's time to TALK! This forum is open to anything and everything you want to chat about, as long as it's safe and feminist.

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Today I ordered pizza and breadsticks and they were delicious. The pizza place put delicious real shredded cheese on the crust and it was just an orgasm. Did you know that carbohydrates are orgasms? Oh you did. Well, that's why I head to Olive Garden for my gang bangs too.


In other news, despite not contacting any boys or barely even going outside today, I am still single. Okay like, I'm pretty sure that Disney movies told me hot men would walk up and kiss my feet. WTF? Why isn't Channum Tating swinging his dick on my front porch, rhythmically knocking on my door?

I demand answers, Groupthink! I demand answers!

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