I really should get to bed, but just some thoughts I need to let out, I suppose. It's about my boyfriend. Nothing bad, but rather good.

I really love my boyfriend. Like, no shit, I've known this for over a year now. But sometimes it hits me, and I'm like, "I reallyreallyreally fucking love this person." Our relationship is kind of weird because it's been so casual. Not casual in the sense that we see other people but casual in the sense that everything's always pretty low-key and calm and we're not overly romantic and whatnot (nothing wrong with being overly romantic—it's just not how we are). I mean, we don't have any anniversaries, neither of us actually asked the other to be his/her boyfriend/girlfriend (we kinda just knew at one point), etc. Everything just kind of happened...we just went with the flow. And I think because of that, I see him as my absolute best friend, not just my boyfriend. He's my companion, and I like that a lot. And then I think about how one day, we might not be together, and it freaks me out because I just can't imagine that. I'm not saying he's the one because I don't even know if I believe in that, but I want him around, to be with him, for a very, very long time.

Yeah, so. Just some random thoughts.