Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I mean, notice anything?

Ok so... ice broken. I was just reading/commenting on the Effie Brown incident on Project Greenlight. You’ll hate me but I couldn’t agree with Effie. I want the best, not the most diverse. Then I found this on my next click and I immediately felt the burn. Take a look at inbred families if you want to understand the value of diversity. I’m in my 2nd year at a new job and I still hate the way they won’t even consider new ideas I’ve brought from prior experience. They just want me to conform to their way of doing things. I’m blind to what’s right in front of me. So I came here to acknowledge that and I’m sorry. We do need more diversity in so many parts of our lives. I know I’m not expressing myself well but, dang it I want to understand my own shortcomings.


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