I am a wimp when it comes to suspenseful shows. If it has to do with supernatural activity, I am even more of a wimp. I have to watch Supernatural in the daytime, which I never have time to do.

Now I have finally started watching Orphan Black. And omgggg...when she finds herself in tricky situations, I am literally like that gif, hiding under my covers or under a pillow. I just can't!

But then the next day, I have to continue watching. It's horrible! I don't want to! But I love it! Arghhhh...

Anyways, I came on here to reveal my frustrations as I know there are a lot of you out here who love the show. I am only 3 episodes in.


Also, btw, I don't really care about spoilers because it actually helps my anxiety level when I am watching a show like this. But this is the one show where I haven't dived into wikipedia yet to get the entire story so far. That's kind of a big deal for me, especially as someone who will read the last chapter in the book to see how it ends up. Yup. One of those people. No regrets!