I’m a teacher- so with all these blizzard days off (6 days- we’re totes not gonna get a spring break) I’ve just now gotten the chance to watch Transparent season 2. Even though I loved season 1, I haven’t been super gung ho about watching season 2 because I heard from so many places/people that it just wasn’t as good but having finished it this afternoon- I have to disagree. I really loved it.

What I loved in particular:

  • no one is ever the “good” person. All the characters make super fucked up choices and I’ll repeat what I said about season 1- these are some of the realest characters I think I’ve ever seen on film
  • Sarah and the spanking. Beyond the obvious focus on gender identity, the writers on this show also really spotlight female sexuality in a fresh way. In the midst of her life (marriage, kids, friends) crumbling around her, Sarah fucking owns that she wants to be smacked. The scene where she’s paying the sex worker with the square thingie on her phone? That shit spoke to me.
  • Cherry fucking Jones. I never realized that I had a thing for her before. Like big time woah. The thing is, she was vaguely predatory and definitely manipulative? Like I was way jealous of Ali, and then really proud at the end when it seemed like she indicated that she was going to T.A. for Leslie (meaning she chose to study under this brilliant theorist rather than fuck her for a hot minute and get dumped for a 21 year old)
  • The realness of the Wommyn’s festival- I just knew that old school “woman born woman” shit was gonna rear it’s ugly head, and then it did. Maura crying and screaming about men in the camp did me in. Ugly tears.
  • Angelica Houston. Enough said.
  • Sibling closeness. Me and my little bros had underwater tea parties too.
  • I personally loved the overarching theme of intergenerational trauma/experiences. I think a lot of the criticisms of this season have to do with the extended flashbacks, but to me it really added something, and they were all fucking gorgeous. LOVED the scene where Ali, Rose and Gittel all intersected. I actually scanned back through season 1 for glimpses of the Holocaust ring and there was brief mention of tante Gittel- meaning Rose, after coming to the US, must have remembered Gittel as her sister and spoke of her to the children that way. If only Maura had known that whole story...AND her father just knew she was gonna be a girl! Ahh!

Minor irritation:

  • Josh. He’s still really the only Pfefferman where I can’t find redeeming characteristics. Of course I feel badly about his assault and the resulting shitshow, but first he was a dude bro and then he got with the Rabbi and got just slightly more bearable and then that massive temper tantrum about her proposing to him? Seriously? And then after everything goes to pieces, he goes right back to being a douche. Maybe we’ll see some character development next season?


Wow, that got really long. I guess I have a lot of feelings about this. Anybody else have thoughts/reactions?