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My Saturday night is being spent with lentil soup, the pets, and probably some Guinness since the Mister is on his first shift and the weather is CRAP.

We have free HBO and Veronica Mars was available. I never watched the show back in the day (partially because I am an old) but curiosity got me interested.

It's so good! It's not Oscar worthy, but this is smart and funny and fun. And, I don't mind mentioning, a fair representation of how I'd feel at my high school reunion (and why I've never gone to one). I don't think I'll look up the back catalogue, since I hink I probably relate to this incarnation of the cast rather than its original one, but I can say I get the VM love now.


How are you lovely folks spending your evening?

ETA: two posts in a row about lentil soup is a seriously too much GT moment.

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