And frankly a bit annoyed..

WHY ARE ALL THE WOMEN SO HOT? I mean, what environmental waste in the ecosystem is creating all these young hot women in Trashyville Louisiana? And what do they think about except their men and who they're fucking? All the women look like, well, young actresses, EXCEPT the black lady in the office who gets sexually harassed all day because OBVIOUSLY she is unfuckable to these guys so all in good fun, right, she gets the joke with her jocular good nature and all.

Now no one appreciates a good sex scene more than me but I'm only halfway through the fourth epi and I've already watched Woody Harralson fuck both his wife and girlfriend and I really feel I've seen enough of Woody involved in this activity. Too much time is being spent on this.

It pisses me off a bit, because this show is, of course, beautifully written and acted and I'd like to enjoy it without having an image of the pitch meeting in my head, and it's all guys, and they're like "it's awesome, we're making art, but needs more tits."