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I got a new family doctor, he’s good. Not to say my last one wasn’t good, she unfortunately closed her practice.

Nothing super scary. Everything went fine, but apparently there’s another inconsistency in my care.

I had my first pap since I got PTSD from all my gyno horror stories and I didn’t get asked like a ‘million’ questions like I did when I got my last pap. I assumed he was just trying to make it quick and less awful for me, and booked a follow up to ask all those questions about sexual history, abuse, etc.


Office called to tell me my results. I’m all good for three years. I showed up for the follow up, and he asked me if telling me over the phone was fine. I said yes. He asked me why I booked a follow up.

I said “Well... you did. I assumed you needed to ask me all those questions.”


“Like about my sexual history and what not.”

“We don’t ask those questions.”

“Wow, my medical care has been really inconsistent.”

“Well doctors are inconsistent.”

So your family doctor doesn’t ask you all about your sexual health during your PAP*** or if you been sexually abused? Is that stuff that gynos ask? Or is this stuff in general that doctors shouldn’t be asking?

*** wow I had one hell of a typo there

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