Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

hi everyone! happy hump day! i am back in the office after an insanely long day yesterday. i had a meeting in minneapolis at noon, so i flew out of CLE in the morning, and flew right back that afternoon, but along the way had a couple delays (not to mention a cancellation in the morning for which i have requested my refund since i had to hop on another airline). soooo instead of landing back at 830p i got landed at 10p :-O

thankfully, i actually drove to the airport (i usually just take the rapid) so i was able to hop in my car and go right home. i slept in a little, and arrived at the office at 9, which NEVER happens. anyway, i had lox and an egg on a bagel with cream cheese, i’m eating some berries with a little honey, and though i have a yawn or two, i’m feeling alright.

oh! and i sign my closing docs tomorrow morning! (CRAZY!)

how are you lovely folks doing out there? anything good moving into the rest of this week?


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