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latest unfriended broseph: a rant

Not that I’m surprised by its existence, but there’s a facebook group called “women against feminism.” What DID surprise me today was my former student (I supervised his undergrad dissertation research etc) sharing their memes today. This is the same kid who sent me papers* the night before they were due, who texted me to ask for a proofread the day that I had told him weeks in advance was when I was away on holiday, who complained about a terrible (and well deserved) mark using the words “it’s disgraceful to give a mark like this at this stage in a person’s career” (son! you are 22! and an undergrad! and your paper was awful! gtfo!), and who has since been pressuring me to come be part of his ultramarathon support crew down in England without offering any kind of help with accommodation or travel.

Privileged little shits are everywhere.

*not proofed by him because “i don’t tend to fuck up grammar,” which he obviously had


**ETA that I forgot the bit where he asked if he could use me as a reference, once. BRO. DO YOU REALLY THINK.

***ETA2! Fuck, there’s even more that I forgot! He tried to mansplain the women’s soccer team pay disparity to me using the opening statement “I haven’t looked into this but...” ... BROOOOO!!!!!!

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