Everything about this show cracks me up. I have seen bits and pieces of episodes from throughout the series over the years but never watched anything in order. I saw one episode where Tara was possessed or something and so I thought she was really annoying based on that but I LOVE HER. She is the only one who responds appropriately to anything.

Sam is a Nice Guy and I hate him.

I almost peed my pants the first time I saw Eric. He's president of the goth kids at South Park right? He's just texting from his bar throne, he's too cool for all you plebes, per se.

These angry minz need to talk to each other about PRATECTING THE SOOKAH. THE SOOKAH CANNOT DO ANETHUNG FOR HERSAYLF. I am terrible at typing bad southern accents.

The one where he was sleeping butt naked in the ground in a cemetery for no goddamn reason and then they immediately started having sex? Whut. Whut even. Yeast infection.


Beeyill just had to turn pretty redhead vampire :[ I am sad but happy cause I know she gets together with sweet derpy guy who is a Grown Ass Man.

That's about all I have to say right now.