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So, in January I made a strategy for a client’s blog with themes, potential titles, and possible influential people who could write for us. They provided events, days and news that they wanted to shape the themes around, one of which was “women for the month of march”, as it included International women’s day and a lot of women in STEM/enterprise stuff we wanted to be involved in.

As it turns out, the project was pushed back to this month, so all those early months were ignored, which is a shame, but no big deal. But I just looked at the comments the client made on the strategy, and under my list of influential women who could write for the blog for March (the month they specifically requested should be dedicated to women in the field), she made the note “it would also be nice to get some men to write for us in the month too.”


Our homepage is full of pictures of white men. 80% of blog authors last year were men. Because of how specific the programme is, the vast majority of blog authors this year will also be men. People who benefit from the client’s programme are overwhelmingly men. Male representation is not really an issue here.

But yeah we should make sure we don’t exclude men in that one month.

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