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Laundry advice needed - Stinky Shoe Edition

Help! My trail running shoes smell like forest mildew and they still have a lot of miles left.

I ran a 10 mile trail race in the rain on Saturday. The trail was very wet and muddy and my shoes were completely soaked. After the race, I took off my shoes and stuck them in a plastic bag to transport them home. Because I am lazy, I did not take my shoes out of the bag until Sunday night, and I rinsed them off with a hose and let them sit outside all day yesterday. They are still wet and still smell.


Can I wash them in the washing machine? I have a front loader that gets off balance with heavy loads. Trail shoes have heavier thicker treads than road running shoes. And I wear a stability shoe, so my shoes are heavier to begin with. (Shout out to Brooks Adrenaline!)

What do you all think? Can I throw them in the washer without ruining them, AND removing the stink? Help me wise minds , skilled in the domestic arts! This is my first season of El Niño trail running. The last two seasons have been drought conditions, so I only ever had to hose off the dust.

SPECIAL NOTE: the image above is the trail I was running on, but taken on a sunny day. I can’t find any rainy day pics, imagine that.

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