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Welcome To The Bitchery

Late to the party, per usual, I just read Laura Beck's article about misogyny in the gaming community.

I don't really game (or belong to a community, for that matter). What I did notice - love, appreciate, get super excited about - was the third paragraph from the end, in which Laura Beck, resident Jezebel Genius, explains why rape jokes are a problem.


Feminist Frequency has 50 tweets that prove this fact. The idiots of the world will take the lack of lady characters and staged trash talk like "Just let it happen, it'll be over soon," and see it as permission to exclude and diminish women. To them, it paints one big picture of BOYZ ONLY — and worse, women are less than. That all adds up to a world where it's okay to casually threaten to rape a woman on twitter. In fact, it's the same thing with rape jokes — comedians might think their audience understands how witty (they think) they're being, but odds are plenty of people leave thinking "haha rape is funny!" [emphasis not Laura Beck's]

After approximately 97,425 articles about it, after countless discussions, she says it in a paragraph. It's short. It's non-confrontational. It does not abuse caps, punctuation, or corneal tolerance for searing use of the f-bomb. It is succinct. It is polite. It is a really good explanation. Like Dr. Seuss's Grinch at Christmastime, it made my heart grow three times its normal size.

Let's all spend the rest of the afternoon saying lovely things about Laura Beck in a public forum. Positive reinforcement: pay it forward!

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