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Laziness Does Not Exist

I just saw this article on Facebook. My friend had copied these last couple of paragraphs and I thought they were worth sharing. I’ve included the entire article too, but I only skimmed the first part (so hopefully it’s not super weird). I wanted to share quickly, but now have a work task that showed up suddenly (as work tasks are wont to do).

If a person can’t get out of bed, something is making them exhausted. If a student isn’t writing papers, there’s some aspect of the assignment that they can’t do without help. If an employee misses deadlines constantly, something is making organization and deadline-meeting difficult. Even if a person is actively choosing to self-sabotage, there’s a reason for it — some fear they’re working through, some need not being met, a lack of self-esteem being expressed.

People do not choose to fail or disappoint. No one wants to feel incapable, apathetic, or ineffective. If you look at a person’s action (or inaction) and see only laziness, you are missing key details. There is always an explanation. There are always barriers. Just because you can’t see them, or don’t view them as legitimate, doesn’t mean they’re not there. Look harder.

Maybe you weren’t always able to look at human behavior this way. That’s okay. Now you are. Give it a try.


And here’s the full article!

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