Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

In honor of Ivy’s lazy bread recipe yesterday (which I’m probably going to use for pizza crust this week, because it makes the best pizza). I’m going to share my favorite lazy bread item recipe; Two Ingredient Cream Biscuits.

The recipe is literally equal amounts by weight of self-rising flour and heavy whipping cream. He describes it as a 20/80 recipe. For 20% of the effort you get results 80% as good as if you had done it the “hard” way. And I’m inclined to agree.


Kenji gets into the science of it more here. But basicially the heavy whipping cream contains enough fat to coat some of the flour, and enough liquid to saturate the rest.

I think my favorite part is I can make as many or few biscuits as I want. So, if I want them, I don’t have to make a dozen, I can make 4. I made some Sunday night with stew (except I didn’t use Kenji’s recipe, because I refuse to cook two batches of vegetables for something as simple as stew), and they were wonderful.

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