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Lazy Dinner

I'm still in my pajamas from this morning. I cancelled my plans for tonight. I took a 2 hour nap today and read 4 short stories from back issues of the New Yorker that I've been saving. My dogs were feeling lazy, too, thank goodness. Wally is an excellent napper.

I was hungry for dinner. I've not been food shopping in over a week and didn't much feel like cooking, but I decided I could do one pot with that I could forage. I made:

Thin linguini with asparagus (boiled in with the pasta). Squeezed half a lemon & olive oil on it. It was pretty good.


What is your go to lazy meal? Or, what was the best thing you've made from foraging what's in the house?


THIS is my plan for the evening. I've been watching the back catalogue on Netflix. I won't say what season I'm on, but I have a date with my apocalyptic boyfriend Darryl tonight.

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