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Lazy Saturday OT

What y’all up to, GT? I just had the best breakfast ever and I wanted to share, and also to procrastinate working on a manuscript.

Kimchi (not homemade, I’m not that cool) and fresh mozzarella scrambled eggs! With sea salt! I could eat that again and again and again. Kimchi could have been more spicy, but it was the standard western grocery kind; I’ll make a trip to the Chinese grocery down the road and maybe try a hotter version tomorrow, because I’m defo going to eat this repeatedly.

The rest of my day is going to involve correcting a manuscript I wrote around some calculations I did in 2013 that were out by a factor of four because I forgot to divide a fucking diameter to get a radius. Who did not catch this? Me, I failed to catch an eighth grade math error. So did both my supervisors, two thesis defense panel members, various science editor friends, and three previous rounds of peer review. Fuck fuck fuck I look like an asshole. Bright side: the corrections mostly involve increasing the magnitude of all of my findings and changing some graph axes, and all of the statistics and interpretation hold up since the change is entirely relative. Srsly dumbass whoops though, but at least it wasn’t published yet. Le sigh.e


Then I get to sit down and learn some new fiddle tunes to play with herr honk and drink some beer before going to forage wild mushrooms tomorrow. Yerm yerm.

What’s on your vagenda?

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