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Lazy Sun. Lit. Talk

Hey, all! Whachoo reading? What kinda recs do you need? Come tell us!

It is bitterly cold and snowing here so I’m about to crawl back into bed with a book. :)


And guys, I just finished Shonda Rimes’s Year of Yes and loved it so much—she is so fun to read and I pretty much started karate chopping and yelling YAS after I read it. OK, not really, but like, on the inside.

A friend lent me a book that I’m not really into yet but I’m hoping that, if I dedicate some time to it today, I’ll get into it more.

And guess what! I inadvertently started a book club last week! Some work friends and I were chatting about getting out of the house during the winter, then books, then I said, We should start a book club! And now we have a book, a date, a place to meet—a real, live book club. Exciting!

Ok, how about you?

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