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Spring edition! It might not feel like it where you are, but I promise spring is on the way (at least in this hemisphere ;). You ready to talk spring reading?

Do you change your book choices as the seasons change? Or do you just read what you want whenever?


I definitely change at least some of my book choices, depending on weather and location. Like, in the winter, I love to cuddle up with a Victorian novel, as long as it has a happy-ish ending. In the summer, I always make it a point to read at least one trashy celeb memoir.

I also will hold onto long, sad reads for the summer, advice I received from a favorite professor in college. She said, “If you’re reading a book that makes you hopeless, try to do it on a Hawaiian beach so you can look up and remind yourself there’s still beauty in the world.” :) So, if I know something’s really going to be depressing, I’ll make it a summer book.

Spring tends to be a time for me to read that experimental fiction I’ve been wanting to try or a scary book—more sunshine makes it feel a little safer to read those.

How about you? Will you be picking up something new or different as we move into spring?


And, as always, please tell us:

  • What book did you most recently finish?
  • What are you reading now?
  • What’s next on your “to read” list?
  • Do you have/need any book recs?

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