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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Lazy Sun. Lit. Talk and GT Halloween Book Club(?)

Happy Sunday, GT! You ready to talk books?

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Who’s reading good stuff? Who needs good stuff to read?

Please, let us know:

  • What book did you most recently finish?
  • What are you reading now?
  • What’s next on your “to read” list?
  • Do you have/need any book recs?

And, while we’re here, is there any interest in choosing a scary book to be a Halloween Book Club read for GTers?


When spectacularraptor and I retired the GT Book Club, she suggested GT continue reading scary books together in honor of Halloween. Last year, we read and discussed We Have Always Lived in the Castle and it was a lot of fun. So, I’m wondering, any interest in book clubbing a scary book again this year? If so, I can get a nomination thread up some time in the next week. Just let me know! (And, heeeeeeey, raptor! <3)

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