Rainy day edition! Now, with bonus Book Club check in!

It’s cloudy and grey here and we’ll certainly have rain shortly. I often fantasize about spending an afternoon in bed with a book but I rarely do it. As I type that, I realize it’s such a simple, easy pleasure—why don’t I do this more often?

Well, friends, today’s the day!

I had friends over for breakfast and I’ve already done most of the clean up. The only other thing I need to do today is some sort of menu planning and grocery shopping. Perfect time for an afternoon in bed with a book, right?

What about you? What do you like to read on a rainy day? And where do you do your reading? Are you a bed reader? A comfy chair reader? A coffee shop reader?


In addition to discussing where we read and what we read on rainy days, we’ll do the usual:

What was the last book you finished?

What are you reading now?

What’s next on the “to read” list?

Last week, I finished reading Witness the Night by Kishwar Desai. I was excited to try a new author and a new-to-me genre (Indian murder mystery) but... I just did not like this one at all. I hung in there, thinking it’d come together by the end. But it just didn’t. What a bummer. It was actually so bad, I’m afraid, that I can’t even say, “Well, if you’re into a certain type of book....” It was pretty much a mess.


Currently, I’m reading something totally out of character for myself: a “V.C. Andrews” novel. Name in quotes because it’s really by the guy who started writing under her name after her death. It’s terrible but a friend across the country found copies of Roxy’s Story at a dollar store and thought it’d be fun to read a bad book together. I’m actually blasting through it pretty quickly because a) I can skip entire paragraphs and not miss anything and b) I want to be done! This is another reason to spend the afternoon reading: I wanna finish it today and get to a book I want to read! :) I LOVE bad movies but I have a much harder time with bad books.

Next will be The City of Devi by Manil Suri but I’ll have to be fast about it so I can get to our Book Club selection, The Girl on The Train.


Now it’s your turn: What’s up in your bookish brains?