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Lazy Sunday Lit. Talk

Hey, GT! It’s time to talk books!

Since it’s summer and everyone wants to get back to their fun stuff, we’ll keep it simple:

1. What was the last book you read?

2. What are you reading now?

3. What’s next on your “to read” pile?

I took a stroll through the biography section of our library last week and ended up with a handful of (hopefully, good!) books.


I just finished In the Pleasure Groove, the memoir by Duran Duran’s bassist—it was a fun and quick read. He’s a strong writer, too, which was a happy surprise.

Now, I’m reading another memoir called I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed about growing up a Jehovah’s Witness. So far, it’s really, really, really funny. I’m also reading a book of microfiction by Patricia Highsmith, called Little Tales of Misogyny.

Next up will be another memoir. I have two waiting: Fairyland: A Memoir of my Father, which is a memoir about growing up the daughter of an out gay man in ‘70s & ‘80s San Francisco and a memoir by Judy Greer, called I Don’t Know What You Know Me From. Both should be good in very different ways, I imagine.

I’ll probably read Fairyland first just because I’m obsessed with the cover image:


Ok, your turn! What’s going on in your literary love life?

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