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Cookbook Edition, the second!

Hi, All—I hope you’re having a good week. I also hope you’re ready to talk books and cookbooks!

I was thinking holiday time would be a great excuse to discuss cookbooks again. Winter is the best time to hole up in the kitchen and cook and bake and dance!


So, we’ll do our usual:

1. What’s the last book you read?

2. What are you currently reading?

3. What’s next on your “to read” list?

4. What book recs do you have and/or need? (This is a new one!)

And we’ll add, what are your favorite cookbooks? What kinds of cookbooks are you looking for? And which should GT avoid? I hate picking up a cookbook that looks promising but, when I get it home, only has 1 useful recipe!

Recently, I bought Mary McCartney’s book, Food, thanks to the beautiful photography (did you know she’s a photographer?) but I’m still digging to find more recipes that I’ll actually use in there. Off the top of my head, her Yorkshire Pudding recipe was the one that sounded most intriguing. Otherwise, it looks like stuff that I already have preferred recipes for. But I’m going to check it out again tonight.


I also received the Oh She Glows Cookbook for my birthday. I have cruised that site a few times but don’t think I’ve used any of her recipes, so it’s exciting to check out something new. Any fans of the site or book here? Any recommendations for favorite OSG recipes?

Ok, your turn—let’s talk (cook)books!!

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