Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Seems the new year came along and brought me back my love for book binging.

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Pictured is the very lovely “Updraft” by Fran Wilde and an equally very lovely Saurer Joster (Sour Joster), a liquor made of Jostaberries and Vodka.

I managed to finish two books I started in early December, one “Hidden Figures” which everyone and the dog should read, because it’s one of those clear examples one can shove into anyones face whenever there is talk of “but this or that group was never there”. It’s also a beautiful example for “Damn, why did I never learn about this in school or later and why did it need a movie for me to acknowledge this story and this book?”.
The second book is “The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness” about which I already talked last week and which ended on a satisfyingly high note.

At the moment it’s “Updraft” about a young girl, a city of towers, of wings, of Skymouths, Singers and hopefully not falling. Spectacular

Next on the list is either “A Stranger in Olondria” or “The Entropy of Bones” and I can’t wait for “Meaning of Michelle” to arrive, it sounds fantastic. It’s 15 writers and their take on Michelle Obama.

So what did you finish recently, what’s your current read, what’s on your agenda and do you have any recs whatsoever?

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