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Lazy Sunday OT

So far Sunday has been eating a huge breakfast and consuming vast amounts of Star Trek Voyager. Oh, this show, I feel like I have to make up for at least ten years I could’ve been a complete fangirl.

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That one arrived a few days ago and I’m thinking about adding other ships, maybe a Borg sphere.

What I love so much is that it has a consistent story moving forward and while episodes aren’t necessarily interlinked, there are so many really cool character developements, etc going on and some very rewarding throwbacks to past episodes. I’m well into season 5 and already a little sad that I have to let go soon.
It’s also interesting, with all the other Treks (besides TOS) there were always one, two or three characters I didn’t like, including captains (Archer and Sisko), but here I at least like them (even Neelix after they finally managed to not write him as the most annoying insecure person ever anymore) or love them, there is no one I can’t stand.
Enterprise so far dealt better with the whole “people are dying” situation, “The Forgotten” is a beautiful and powerful episode in that regard, so that’s what I still am kind of waiting for, the acknowledgement of the fact that this family has lost some of its members. But I think I’ll be fine if they don’t address it.
Nevertheless, Janeway is so my captain and I will fight anyone for it.

This is also one of those weird days where I wish food delivery were fully automated, because I don’t want to face any person today and even saying “Hi, thanks for the food”, etc is too much. On the other hand all the food in the pantry/fridge doesn’t appeal to me one bit. We’ll see how that saga’ll turn out.

How’s your Sunday?

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