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Since I’ve last written, I’ve moved in with my boyfriend—a first for me! It’s been great and easy and we’ve been talking about marriage in the not-too-distant future, and I am supremely happy.

Unfortunately, he is leaving soon for a year-long study abroad trip overseas. I knew he was planning for this from our first date, but now we’re live-in partners and building a life together...so his leaving sucks. Like, I’m so excited for him, but I am going to miss him so hard, especially since I’m now living in his town and have no friends in the area and am even further away from my family and friends than I was before.


I know logically everything will work out and it’s only for a year, but I’m still anxious. For those who have been in long-distance relationships, how did you deal with it? What were some pitfalls? Any tips for making it easier? Is there anything you wished you had known at the start?

ETA: Thank you to everyone who responded. I feel like I have a lot of information to help me best prepare for the next year, and reading stories of so many successful LDRs makes me feel much more confident about making it through my own!

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