Le Petit Comte loves my red toes. So when I offered to paint his toes he was delighted. He was so delighted he insisted on painting my husband's toes. Monsieur obliged.

We were at the playground today and I wound up taking off his shoes for a moment. A mom I had been talking to saw his feet and said to him "LPC, why are your toes painted? You're a boy."


"Oh, we all love red toes in this family," I replied cheerily, always preferring diplomacy. "They're so fun."

At this point, the other mom appears to have realized that she put her foot in her mouth. "You know, people's orientation doesn't bother me. I'm... I'm very open. I have a friend who's a lesbian and she was in my wedding. Growing up I was always defending her."


Ummm... Okay. #1 I'm pretty sure my toddler doesn't have an orientation yet. #2 did you honestly just pull the "my best friend is queer" card?


You know what? It was clear she was flustered by her own stupidity. So I just did this...


Hopefully this will be a learning experience for her.