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Le posting privileges! And a follow up.

Prepare for squee/food posts/book club talk/crowdsourcing/photos of things i'm trying to talk myself out of buying! Damn, I should have posted a picture of this sweet antique rose in a flocked gold frame I almost picked up at a resale shop today. $7. Maybe I should go back. I'm a sucker for the granny decor.

Anyway. Follow up to my post about the long distance love that almost was. (http://natface.kinja.com/so-many-damned…)


His visa went through and he moved overseas today. Things were painful before he left. I cried on the phone, and he got distant and cold. It became clear to me through our talk that despite our initial powerful connection, he's got no intention of making good on any promises he made to me to keep things going, or keep in touch. It sucks, but I'm glad that I gave it a shot, and was totally upfront and honest about my feelings. On to greener pastures, and maybe in time, a kind and considerate man who stays in my zip code. Thanks for y'all's input and support.

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