While I love our recommendation threads, they tend to focus on the things we love. But I wonder about the inverse: What mistakes have you made that GTers should avoid? It can be something big (like, don't sleep with your uncle's milkman!) or something little (like, never buy xxx product): What should we NOT do/buy/use/eat/wear?

I have a couple of product avoidance recommendations:

1) Güd shampoos and conditioners: If you read the reviews on Amazon and they all say, "They leave my hair waxy/greasy/heavy" do not rationalize your purchase by saying, "But my hair and scalp aren't so sensitive! And there's a 'Pearanormal Activity' scent! I want my hair to smell like pears!" Because guess what? Everyone who left those reviews probably knows what they're talking about and who cares if you hair can smell like pears if it never actually does 'cuz you don't use the damn stuff!

2) The Body Shop Vanilla Lip Gloss: I like vanilla. I like The Body Shop. I like lip gloss. I guess, dear reader, you probably do, too—what's not to like about these things? As it turns out, when they're combined, it feels/smells like you have some nasty Parfums de Couer vanilla-scented grease on your face. It's... not great.

Your turn—help us avoid the mistakes you've made!