Argggh! So today was my baby shower and it went really really good. I saw a lot of my favorite people, they showered my baby girl with lots of great gifts, there was food and laughing. Mr. Haa was supposed to hang out at home for the afternoon (where I planned on giving him a list of stuff to get done). Back story: he's been studying for a huge test he passed last Tuesday so I've been pretty much handling all things home and baby related the last couple months. He's got some ground to make up.

Last minute a coworker (and friend) of his invited him to go tubing down the river for the afternoon with a group of guys. I was super jealous because I've been wanting to do this soon but I told him to go and have fun. So being him, he decides he will coordinate everyone and they will all ride over (it's about a 45 minute drive from our house) together in his car. He told me he thought he'd be home between 5 and 6. His phone has been in his car so I've had no way of getting a hold of him. At 6:30 I gave his cell a try; no answer. At this point I'm mildly annoyed because I want to show him all the great stuff we got plus I wanted to start dinner. At 7:30 dinner is almost done cooking and I'm starting to get a little worried/pissed off. I give him a call again, still no answer. Not two minutes after I hung up he calls me. He asks if I've gotten his text and I say no. "Well I'm at the hospital" my heart sinks and I'm super worried something happened to him.

Apparently one of the guys got way too drunk and needed an ambulance to take him to get his stomach pumped. I don't know if you've ever been tubing but it can be easy to over do it since you just sit in a tube and it's when you try to get up at the end that it can hit you. We usually combat this by A) bringing lots of snacks, B) switching to water for the last hour or so of the ride and C) grabbing some bar food afterwards. I guess they had met up with some girls on the river who were passing around a bottle of vodka plus Mr. Haa thought it'd be an awesome idea to bring Jager bombs. Luckily one of the girls was an EMT and noticed how drunk the guy was. So now Mr. Haa is sitting in the hospital waiting room with another couple he went with and the girls with the vodka. The friend that invited him is passed out in the back seat of Mr. Haa's car as he overdid it too. I have to shake my head. We are 25 to 28 fucking years old. How do you get so drunk you have to be hospitalized? I want to crack at joke that we're just professionals in Wisconsin but the two guys who got too drunk are fucking German. We came from your stock, you brag about your superior beer but you can't handle your booze like responsible adults? It's probably the hormones talking and I'm probably a terrible person but I am so fucking annoyed at this kid. Who knows when Mr. Haa will get back with his motley crew but I hate them all right now.