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Learning Hard Skills in 2017: How are we going to approach this?

Hi dudes, dudettes, duderinos, dudeopotami, and none of the above.

This is a follow up to my post from last weekish, where I suggested that we form a GT support group to learn some practical skills in the coming year.


Now, lets try to figure out how we’re going to do this.

Reply to this post with:

1. What skills you’re interested in learning. ( ie. first aid, sewing, foraging, canning, self defense, etc...)


2. If you have any skill knowledge that you are able to share/and or if you have suggestions about resources that GTers can use to pick up a skill.

(i.e. have you been a superseekret jujitsu master all this time and are you willing to c0me out of the shadows to teach us about women’s self defense? Or do you happen to know about that really cool book 10 Survival Tips for Effete Latte Sipping Urban Intellectuals Who Have Been Lost In The Woods For So Long That They’ve Taken To Using Their Copy of Jonathan Franzen As Kindling? )


3. How you think we can most effectively structure this group so it can be helpful for you. Should we do weekly checkins? Monthly checkins? Should we have group goals, like get CPR certified, etc...? (If so what should those goals be? And what’s a reasonable timeline for learning ninja skills?) Or maybe its better to let everyone just have their own goals... Any other ideas about how to do this?

4. Anything else you want to add?

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