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Learning to like yourself is freaking hard.

Pretty much the title says it all.

I went to be fitted for my wedding dress last night. Somehow in the last two weeks I’ve lost an inch off my waist and and inch and a half off my chest. I know it’s probably a stupid thing to complain about, but I am already really small chested. I didn’t need that. I don’t know why it happened either - it might just be a hormone fluctuation. But I looked at myself in the mirror and I did not like what I saw and then I felt like an idiot and tried to hide it from my seamstress because she’s put so much work into the dress and it’s beautiful and it’s not her fault my boobs are small. And then I went home and felt shitty about my body.

Then I went out with a couple friends, including a new friend I’ve made recently, and I felt like everyone was having such a great time except me. I’m not really that great at being funny; it feels very vulnerable to me and I don’t handle being made fun of very well, so I tend to stick with serious conversations unless I know someone really well. GreenHunk and my roommate are the opposite. So when we’re in large groups, I have a lot to say if we’re talking about politics or emotions or anything academic, stuff like that, but they tend to make jokes and lead the conversation in a really different direction. Sometimes I feel like I’m just not very fun.


Everyone has these things they feel self-conscious about, I know. I suspect maybe many of you are feeling the same way over something or another. So let’s try to make today a better day and say some nice things about ourselves. :)

Here are mine: Cats always love me. Even cats that hate everyone else in the world. I tan really nicely. And I can teach myself how to make any craft. What are some nice things about you?

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