I've been relatively pear-shaped my whole life. My boobs are not tiiiiiiiny, but they are also not huge. I come from a family of narrow hipped, big breasted ladies and I am the odd-ball who has the opposite.

The first time I realized that I had wipe hips was when I was 15. I was, by all accounts, rather scrawny otherwise. But one day my male friend looked at me, bit his lip and said "Your hips! They are just...wow! Like I Dream of Jeannie!". And suddenly I knew exactly what he was talking about. My hips...they are broad!

I didn't start paying much attention to them though until I was maybe 25. I became hyper-aware of my body shape and have been trying to conceal these damn things ever since. Empire waist. It is my friend.

But now I'm kind of re-thinking this tactic. Why am I covering them up? They are so feminine and curvaceous and actually kind of wonderful. So I went ahead and bought one of those "body con" skirts at H&M a few weeks ago ($6!!!). I haven't worn it yet but I'm thinking I might give it a go. Because...what's the worst that can happen? Someone thinks I'm pear shaped? Fuck em! I'm in decent shape and these hips aren't going anywhere. I need to learn to love them.

Give me some courage to show these hips off! Or tell me how you learned to love a part of your body that you once thought was unlovable!