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Last week Kim K admitted to not liking pregnancy and the Internet shit its collective pants. I’ve made a couple posts before about the taboo that exists around saying that you really aren’t enjoying the process of growing your delightful little bundle of DNA and poop.

I get that Kim isn’t always the most like-able person, but give home girl a break on this one. Not a day goes by where I don’t see some bullshit article on what Kim’s wearing while pregnant and how “horrible” and “uncomfortable” she looks. It’s wrong to be a judgemental asshole when it comes to bodies in the first place, but being an asshole about a pregnant women’s body lands you a special table in hell as far as I’m concerned. One of the first and most difficult things you have to learn while being pregnant is that you are not longer in control:


Your body is going to do some insane, and sometimes gross, shit and you have no control over it. I’ve known women who’ve eaten nothing but junk and never worked out and gained just the recommended amount of weight, and I’ve also known women who ate healthier than they ever have and continue to work out and gain 80 pounds. Your body is going to do whatever the hell (and bodies are really like this normally, it’s just exaggerated during pregnancy) it is its going to do and you just have to roll with it.

Also how the hell do you know if the mini-dress she’s wearing is uncomfortable? Did you ask her? If homegirl wants to wear a mini-dress while pregnant, good for her. I can tell you that no matter what you wear you’re not going to be comfortable anyway. You want to know the last time I was comfortable? About 29 weeks ago when I was drunk off my ass on tequila and the swimmers hadn’t gotten to the egg yet. Also just like everyone else, pregnant ladies are going to find different things comfortable. I like to be able to tuck my leggings into my bra, while my friend who is also pregnant prefers her leggings to sit under her belly. Whoa! How weird to think that different people like different things.

Also it’s okay to say that you don’t like pregnancy. Because it honestly fucking sucks a lot of the time. So very sorry I don’t find the feeling of being stabbed in the vagina every time I walk to be beautiful and magical and feminine. And that’s only one uncomfortable symptom of pregnancy and they vary from lady to lady. Cankles, hemorrhoids, sciatica, carpal tunnel, heartburn, all day sickness, fatigue, stretching pain, leaky peeling nipples that you can see from space, and about a thousand other things can happen while gestating. It’s really not comfortable a lot of the time and it doesn’t make you any less of mother if you admit you don’t like it instead, you might even love your kid even more because ITS FINALLY OUT OF YOU (just kidding to ladies who liked pregnancy).


Tl;dr: this pregnant lady says to fuck off and make fun of Kim for anything besides her pregnancy or I'll eat you.

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