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Leave Sailor Moon Alone!

I just watched The Nostalgia Critic's review of Sailor Moon. I started out excited to see my favorite show as a little girl get a review. I usually enjoy the humor used in The Critic's reviews, but I feel that a bit of the humor was a bit...misplaced.


I feel that a lot of emphasis was put into the sexual aspects that he noticed in the series, which I find funny because I had never found the scout's transformation or sailor uniform as sexual when I was young. It was the 90's , after all, and even lawyers were wearing mini skirts. If anything, I saw them as cool, stylish, sailor-themed girls. Again, I chalk this up to the current cultural trend of calling anything girls wear that show skin OBVIOUSLY meaning they are doing it to be sexual and not, you know, in tune with current fashion trends. I was disheartened to see The Critic use such a tired trope.

Speaking of disappointments, I was disappointed to see the "lol The Japanese like schoolgirls" dead horse of a trope dragged out again. If I wanted to see people talk about how Japan is full of sexually-depraved Salarimen who lust over schoolgirls, I'd ask a 12-year-old posting on 4chan for the first time about the issue.


I guess I'm being very defensive of this show. To The Critics credit, the American version of Sailor Moon was kind of silly. For me, however, it meant so much. It had girls in fashionable clothing facing their fears (Because we hate to admit it, but we all would probably react as Serena would). It was, pretty much, the first Shojou series that any young Anime fan would have been exposed to. I had never known that anime could cater to a female market until then, and it brought be down the rabbit hole to watch Fushigi Yuugi and Kare Kano and Ouran High School Host Club as I got older. I am thankful to Sailor Moon for opening the gates, and will defend it to the end.

Edit: Also, now that I think about it...WHY DIDN'T THE NOSTALGIA CHICK DO THIS REVIEW!? I know she's working on other projects, but this totally needed to be done by a woman or at least needed some female perspective. Sailor Moon literally played after Dragonball Z, and a huge thing was that they had anime for boys (Dragonball Z) and anime for girls (Sailor Moon).

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