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Leaving Neverland

Did anyone else watch it? If you haven’t I highly recommend it. (TW Chidhood sexual abuse)

Watching the whole 4 hours tore my heart out ( I had to take breaks). James Safechuck is definitely still processing and healing (he looks like a wreck for the whole thing, and in the interview with Oprah, he still looks rough).

I appreciated Oprah Winfrey’s interview with them - as much as I have issues with Oprah, I feel that her commitment to exposing the realities of CSA over the years has been instrumental in getting the message out that kids aren’t going to tell you that it’s happening if the abuser is “good” at what they do. Robson and Safechuck make it clear that they loved Michael Jackson and they didn’t see the sexual abuse as abuse - Robson still uses the language “sexual stuff” when describing when Jackson would abuse him. He groomed both them AND their parents and choose his victims carefully (I mean, if the parents let their kids sleep with him in his bed, that’s a pretty good indication to Jackson as an abuser that they are naive/neglectful and that kid is a good target for the abuse).


I feel so terrible for that kid back in the early 2000's who came forward who never got any justice. Just had his life completely destroyed by Jackson and the acquittal. From what I’ve read, the director of the movie found him and wrote him a letter, but he never responded (not that I can blame him).

Here’s the interview with Oprah it’s good on its own without watching the documentary: http://www.oprah.com/own-oprah-winfrey-presents-after-neverland/oprah-winfrey-presents-after-neverland

ETA: Also, fuck the Michael Jackson Estate. Its obvious why the family want to discredit the victims, because then their cash cow is gone. I hope that this documentary tanks the continued earnings from the Estate.

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