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There's this awesome pizza place that would be great were it not for the fact that they overcharge you! I've been overcharged twice on my card, for the same transaction twice and as the tip but added 100% instead of the 20%, I called and complained and they said they would check and they gave me a refund. I still go there but pay cash and give NO TIP when I see the asshole that overcharge me. Tonight, I had to use my card since I had no cash but I told him- please make sure you don't chase me TWICE because you've done it TWICE! And I gave him ZERO tip. If he's gonna steal it, I don't have to give it to him, do I? I was very polite but I stood my ground, was I being an asshole or was I just reacting normally? On yelp, I've seen several reviews complaining about overcharging so it's not just me.


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